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Sharang Sharma

I enjoy building. When I say that, I'm trying to emphasize how crucial it is to get confident using any tool to conceptualize, code, and validate ideas. This portfolio is a collection of both profitable and unsuccessful ventures and concepts.


Currently, I am Product Design Lead at Miko and oversee the product and design team functions across numerous product touch points.


Additionally, previously

  • In 2020, I cofounded Stic Stac to create business opportunities in the space of augmented reality, but we failed miserably.

  • Prior to that, I worked with startup teams at IDEO Tokyo and Accel India to implement early-stage concepts alongside entrepreneurs.

  • I have had the good fortune to work with Daimler on developing early stage applications for Microsoft HoloLense-1.

  • Worked with Digital Media Education Bremen group to conceptualise an award wining education kit for children.

  • In 2015, I was part of the founding design team member at Zeta, a budding startup in Indian ecosystem which achieved fintech unicorn status in 2020

Apart from that, I like to race road bikes and climb mountains

Awards & Recognition

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