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“Overload, clutter and confusion are not attributes to information, they are failures of design” - Edward Tufte

Ever since the advent of  graphical user interface (GUI) and internet, we are overloaded with information and addicted to distracting interfaces. There are hundreds of apps and tons of notifications buzzing every moment. Even the productivity apps which promise us to inculcate better habits, productivity or efficiency, mostly fell short of expectations.

This design case study looks into the productivity problems of people and propose a solution using personal assistant technology.

Note: This project started from the 6 weeks Product design course from TU Delft and continued thereafter.

Design research and concept development 

The design research consist of surveying 5 people by using Qualitative interview and mind-mapping techniques. This helped understand their productivity problems in their daily social and personal settings. Later a design challenge was formulated based on the research insights and ideation process.


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Design Challenge

How might we design a personal assistant technology which is....

Sketches and physical models

Context scenarios

Scenario: A person K starts working at 10:30 AM in the morning and wants a distraction free environment. Hbito helps him track his work and productive.

Imitating human expressions

Eyes movements


Lip movements

The Glossy look

Designed and rendered in Autodesk Fusion

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