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Stic-Stac: A creative coding kit for children


(Updated June 2019)
Creativity is at the core of human being that drives innovation, nurtures making and  self-expression. Throughout mankind, we have invented several tools to accomplish that. Stic Stac Code blocks is a concept for creative coding kit for children to create stories, music, art, games and experience educational content while learning the basics of  coding. The system consists of tangible wooden blocks which display unique virtual content  through a mobile application and headset. You could manipulate the content to make your  unique simulations.

Target age group: 9-14 years
Target personality: Builders, Creatives, Storytellers, Self expression

This project is Work in Progress at Digital Media in Education group in Bremen, Germany.

If you are interested to know more or share your ideas, please free to drop me a line on or

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