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Your daily tangible screen time


The information age is overloaded with screens and increased screentime. Terminal technology enhances our capabilities in many ways but also leads us to increased distractions and poor social interacions. Moreover, to tackle these problems we employ more screen-based solutions like time-managment applications and tools. 

What if the solution could be ambient and tells you your everyday digital activities at a glance?  Instead of mobile interfaces or notifications, you have a more enchanting way to visualise your daily activities to impact positive behavioural change.


1. This example takes in account of time spent on several activities by me.

2. To make the measurements calculative, the time data used in this scope is the time spent on the digital devices like desktop or mobile.

3. This time is recorded using the RescueTime (time tracking tool) desktop app and extracted every 30 mins using RescusTime API and node.js.


Fig-1: The time is broadly split into four categories based upon the activities.


4. Hereafter, Processing(P3) environment is used  to simulate the data into a 2-D visualisation. The above GIF shows time duration for each of the categories on a 24hr timeline on 07/12/2017. Simulated in Processing(P3) using Node.js and RescueTime API


Fig-2: Sketches of several ideas to project the data in tangible visualisation


Fig-3: Prototype development of the final balloons idea 


Fig-4: Visualisations of data recorded from 11th to 17th Dec, 2017 using RescuTime API


Video presentation

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